Pre-arranged Funeral Plans

Many people nowadays are opting to purchase pre-arranged funeral plans. There are three main advantages to be gained by doing this.

  • Pre-arranged funeral plans allow clients to make their wishes known in advance and specify exactly the funeral they desire. The funeral can be traditional or it can be something that celebrates your life.
  • Your loved ones are relieved of the burden of trying to work out what you would have wanted.
  • The funeral directors costs are fixed. By pre-arranging and pre-funding your funeral you address funeral costs today and lessen the financial burden for your family. Many people assume savings or life insurance will cover their final expenses. By funding your funeral in advance, you lock in the price of your specific wishes at current prices, avoiding rising costs caused by inflation. You can then enjoy the rest of your life confident in the financial relief you’ll give to your loved ones.

At Padfields Funeral Service, we offer Perfect Choice pre-arranged funeral plans from Ecclesiastical Planning Services, which we consider provide excellent value for money.

Download our prices for Perfect Choice Funeral Plans here.

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