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Within our inclusive charge, we offer the following services

  • Arrangements may be discussed here at our offices, or in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home.

  • Upon receiving your instructions, we will make all the arrangements on your behalf.

  • We will advise you about the procedures for registration of the death.

  • Complete all the forms as required by law for Cremation and the Authorities for Burial.

  • Arrange with the Minister a mutually convenient time and place for the funeral service.

  • Conveying the deceased from the place of death and caring for them in one of our Chapels of Rest, where you may arrange to spend time with them if you wish.

  • Supply the fully fitted coffin as selected.

  • Provide hearse with Director and Bearers for the funeral service.

  • Assist you with the placing of death notices in the local or national press.

  • Receive the floral tributes and if you wish return the cards to you after the service.

  • Receive donations for any charitable organisation and distribute as requested.


We are also able to arrange additional services, which you may require. These are charged separately from our inclusive fee and may include:-

  • Bringing the deceased into our care outside normal working hours.

  • Taking the deceased to be rested at home or into Church overnight.

  • Providing Limousines for Mourners.

  • Ordering floral tributes.

  • Arranging for the services of a Gravedigger and Monumental Mason.

  • Arranging for the dispersal or interment of the cremated remains in a suitable casket.

  • Preparing and printing Service Sheets.

  • Hygienic treatment (Embalming).

  • Listing of mourners.



The Disbursements are payments that we make on your behalf. They will be listed individually on our final account.

A deposit to the value of the disbursements is payable in advance of the funeral.

Under this heading are included: Crematorium and Doctors fees, local authority charges, Ministers and Church fees, death and acknowledgement notices in newspapers.

We will also advise on any of the following:-

  • Memorials.

  • Application for Social Security benefits and Government Funeral Fund payments.

  • Probate: Letters of Administration.

  • Donations to charity in lieu of flowers.

  • Catering arrangements.

  • Local accommodation.

  • Floral tributes.

  • Religious, Civil, ethnic and non-religious funerals.

  • Environmentally friendly funerals.

  • Woodland or sea burials.

  • Repatriation to and from abroad.

  • Pre-arranged funeral plans.

  • Direct Cremations

  • Advice and products for DIY funerals.

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