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Direct Cremations

For those that do not feel a traditional funeral ceremony is right for them or their loved ones

Direct cremations are a no frills, straight to crematorium service for those who do not feel that a traditional funeral ceremony is right for them or their loved ones.

They are carried out with no service and no mourners attending at a time convenient to the funeral director.

The cremated remains can be returned to the family and a memorial service can be held at a later date. This type of funeral is the simplest and least expensive we offer, given that there is no formal ceremony at the crematorium.

We are able to offer two types of direct cremation service - Basic and Enhanced. Please note that both specifically exclude parts of our service normally available for a traditional funeral.


Specification of our Basic Direct Cremation service:

  • Removal of the deceased to our Chapel of Rest within office hours and from a local address.

  • Provision of a simple cremation coffin.

  • Conveyance of the coffin to North Devon Crematorium and attendance of two bearers to transfer the coffin into the Crematorium Chapel.

  • Making arrangements for a cremation at North Devon Crematorium (no funeral ceremony), the date and time of which to be left to our discretion.

  • Making arrangements for the ashes to be placed in the Crematorium Garden of Remembrance in a recorded but unmarked area, and at the discretion of the Crematorium management.

  • Alternatively the family may collect the ashes from the Crematorium or from ourselves.


Items not provided in our direct cremation service include:

  • Conveyance of the deceased outside office hours (plus £75).

  • Embalming.

  • Provision of funeral limousines.

  • Provision of a funeral ceremony at the Crematorium Chapel.

  • Doctors Fee of £82 if applicable.

  • Discussion and co-ordination of all matters relating to: floral tributes; obituary notices; dispersal of cremation ashes (other than provided for above); catering; “In Memoriam” charitable donations and printing of funeral stationery.


This list is not exhaustive.

Our Basic Direct Cremation price is £1,295 which must be paid before the funeral takes place.


Our Enhanced Direct Cremation service includes:

• Everything offered by our Basic Direct Cremation service with these important additions:

• Attendance of a funeral director at the crematorium to oversee, advise and assist.

• Attendance of four bearers to convey the coffin, shouldered, into the crematorium chapel (please note that if the deceased weighs more than 100 kgs we will need to provide more bearers at a cost of £20 each).

• You may attend the cremation (for which purpose the date and time will be agreed with you) and spend a few moments in quiet reflection. There will be no formal funeral ceremony but at an appropriate moment the Funeral Director will say a short committal sentence (religious or non-religious as appropriate) before closing the gates to remove the coffin from view.

• Any other services will be charged in accordance with our normal price list. These may include: dressing of the deceased in their own clothes, embalming, provision of an oversize coffin, provision of limousines.


Our Enhanced Direct Cremation price is £1,870 (plus £75 for an out of office hours transfer) which must be paid before the funeral takes place.


If for any reason the full cost is not paid in advance of the funeral, we reserve the right to increase our fees to our standard prices or to cancel the funeral arrangements.

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