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Direct Burials

For those that do not feel that a traditional funeral ceremony is right for them or their loved ones

Direct burials are a no frills, straight to cemetery service for those who do not feel that a traditional funeral ceremony is right for them or their loved ones. They are carried out with no viewing, no service and no mourners attending at a time convenient to the funeral director.

Our Direct Burial service is only available for those resident in the North Devon Council area.

Our Direct Burial price is £1,899, which must be paid before the funeral takes place.

Our Direct Burial service includes:

  • In office hours removal of deceased from any place of death in the North Devon area (an additional charge of £75 will apply for transfers outside office hours)

  • Care of the body prior to the funeral

  • A simple wooden coffin

  • A hearse and bearers to convey the coffin to the cemetery

  • Assistance in completing all the necessary paperwork

  • The cost of 30 years exclusive right of burial and preparation of the grave.


This pared-down service is designed for people who do not want a ceremony at the time of the burial. A memorial service can be held at a later date. This type of funeral is the simplest and least expensive we offer, given that there is no formal ceremony at the cemetery.

Unlike many other Direct Burial packages, we include the use of a hearse unless otherwise advised.

No mourners may be present at the funeral which will take place at a time and date to suit Padfields Funeral Service. The funeral will take place at Bear Street Cemetery in Barnstaple, or for an additional £50 the burial may take place at Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe. Our Direct Burial option does not include any provision for the cost of placing a memorial on the grave.

Any other services will be charged in accordance with our normal price list.

We can talk you through this option and answer any questions you may have.

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